eviction moratorium

Extend the eviction moratorium immediately! President Biden and the CDC must extend the eviction, and Congress must take immediate actions, before hundreds of thousands of people lose their homes.

Hundreds of thousands of people could be kicked out of their homes—causing an enormous crisis that will disrupt families and communities, hurt our economy, plunge countless people into chaos and strain our social safety net.

The pandemic is not over.

People are still suffering, jobless, going hungry, and living through repeated trauma. As the delta variant tears through the country, the Democratic-controlled White House, Senate, and House need to do everything in their power to keep people housed.

Here's what we all need to do to take action:

1. Call Congress and demand an extension on the eviction moratorium.

2. Tweet & demand action from President Biden, Speaker Pelosi & Leader Schumer.

3. Sign this petition calling for immediate action.